You have almost arrived in the realm of ONE. Inside of HDC ONE you will be stimulated until the open centres glow. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable, get some fresh popcorn and get your fingers ready to interact. YOU are part of it and can tap into our RIGHTness with your comments, reactions and in a way also control it. Feel invited to subscribe directly via the button OR scroll for more information.

What the @#$% is ONE

We will post different medias in this Telegram channel. It will be graphics, videos, songs, podcasts, chats, interactive stuff – whatever will be drawn out of our RIGHTnesss. You, as member, are part of this 3rd line trial&error process & progress. You may not be entertained by everything, you may not love everything but there will be plenty. The content is exclusive and only shown in the Telegram channel. You are directly at the source.It’s important to know that we will not promise to do this forever, just as long as we will have a YES to do it. Therefore you can cancel your membership anytime and leave.We are here to be a resource for others and of course to just be passengers, so every reaction/response of you helps us to externalize unbelievable funny things – and wisdom. The more energy and support we receive from you (especially the mental projector), the more will be externalized out of us. Easy as that. If you don’t participate through giving emoji-reactions or commenting we still take your money because we like money ;-)Also there will be no refunds at any time because if you have read this, you know what to expect. If there’s questions ask us before, please. If you just clicked “agree” without reading – that’s a learning thing for you. :-)

Who the @#$% is ONE

Alex - 3/5 Manifesting Generator

I am Alex, a wannabe MG (missing the 34-20), living in unconsciousness (says the bodygraph), with arrogance in the sun. Real Quad Right though, so don't push me. Karma? I don't care cause 3/5, i can do whatever I want to. You know, once a 3/5 always the black sheep. I am here to not fulfill your projections and that's a fun life since Talis taught me about it.My 1-8 makes me feel super special and everything I do or say is art to me. Hopefully it is to you, too.Luckily Talis is here to guide me as long as the invitations with golden borders keep him on board. You can watch right brains creative flows happen here in the best because first infotainment channel round about human design.

Talis - 1/3 Mental Projector

By the way, if you don't know me, I'm Talis, a mental projector - you know, helpless and incompetent. Also a fearful loser or 1/3 profile wink - just joking.I've been in the Human Design universe since the middle of 2018 and I'm the part in the room that corrects Alex every now and then because he's still green behind the ears ... Anyway, I'm happy to share exclusive content with you, such as rap songs or newly illustrated HDS infographics and so on.Feel free to leave me a comment if you want to know more about me or if you have a specific question.May the P-Crystal be with you - Over and Out.

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The brand new channel for your personal human design experience...
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All in ONE

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• Possibility for private exchange with Alex & Talis
• Possibility to contribute
• Most likely daily content
• 3 EUR go into the HDC pool
• and lots of stuff

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